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Target Configuration

Image of possible building routes

After a platform Target has been set up, apps are built with default settings regarding resolution, icons, screen orientation and some others. Here you will find information on how to customize these settings to fit your needs.

With these config settings you can set features that are highly target specific, or that somehow affect the build process and can't be implemented using plain Cerberus X code.

Note: If settings are used on targets where they are not supported, they will silently fail.

How to Set Configuration Settings

There are three ways to specify app config settings. Each one is overwriten by the following one, meaning that if you specify a value in two of those places, the one in the lowest place in regard to this list is applied.

  • Editing the 'config.cxs' file in your 'my_app.build/target' folder. This provides a mechanism for defining 'default' settings.
  • In your Cerberus X source code in the form of #GLFW_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN=False
  • As parameters when executing Trans from the command line in the form of '+GLFW_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN=0'

        General Configuration Settings

        Target Specific Configuration Settings

        • HTML5 Browser Applications
        • Desktop PCs and Laptops (Windows, macOS, Linux)
        • Android Smartphones and Tablets
        • iOS iPhones and iPads by Apple
          • !No Content! C++ Tool - This Target is not meant for games, but a way to create non graphical console apps using the Cerberus X language. It is mainly used for building the Cerberus X Tools themselves, i.e. Trans and Makedocs.

            Deprecated Targets