Cerberus X Documentation

Welcome to Cerberus X!

This Documentation is written to help you learn everything you need to create your own games. Have fun, meet our community and let us know about your projects. More Information on Cerberus X, its history and the people involved can be found on the About Page.

If you are completely new here, please head to the Getting Started chapter and read the Introduction first.

Your Cerberus X Team

Setting Things up - Get your System ready for the creation of your first game

This is all about the installation of Cerberus X and the set up of the different platform targets.

Getting Started - Guides for Newcomers

This chapter is about the first steps to make you comfortable using Cerberus X.

Technical Details - How Cerberus X is Working under the Hood

These information are not necessary for everyday use. But helpful, if you want to customize things or get involved in the developement of Cerberus X itself.

Alphabetical Indexes - Alphabetical Lists of all the Modules, Classes, Functions and Technical Terms

If you know the name, but cannot remember where it resides, you might be lucky to find it here.

Beyond Cerberus - Useful Stuff Outside the Cerberus Ecosystem

Every game developer will sooner or later face things that are not primarily related to Cerberus X. Be it the tools to create graphics, sound, leveldesign, animations, etc. or just some ideas or concepts that are worth knowing about and might help you on your journey of creating games.