Cerberus X Documentation

Getting Started

The first steps are always the hardest. So we decided to provide a dedicated chapter for you to help you getting started with Cerberus X.

Introduction - Important Stuff for Newcomers

Don't skip these essential informations. They might save you some head scratching.

!Old Content! Beginners Guide to Programming - No Programming Experience Needed

This guide is written for absolute beginners with no prior experience in any other programming language at all. You will learn the basic concepts and get you the point where you can write your first game.

Quick Language Guide - Hard Facts and Examples for Experienced Programmers

If you know one or more programming languages and want to start developing without the need to go though all the documentation to begin with. This is mainly an overview mixed in with code examples.

!Old Content! Tutorials - Step by Step Guides to Follow Along

The main concept here is "learning by doing". Just choose a tutorial and let it guide you through from the first setup of your game project to the deployment of the finished product.