Cerberus X Documentation


What is Cerberus X?

It is a Multiplatform Development Tool especially for creating games. You only have to write the source code once using the Cerberus X programming language and then you can easily build native programs to run on several platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS or directly in your browser.

Cerberus X was born out of Monkey X after its Open Source release in 2017 and has been substantially updated and enhanced ever since with the help of a great community. Michael Hartlef (aka MikeHart), Olivier Stuker (aka Holzchopf) and Philipp Moeller (aka Phil7) form the development team. They discuss, coordinate and implement ideas and suggestions to keep Cerberus X running and evolving!


Additional thanks for their contributions go to:

adamredwoods, Beaker, Richard Betson, EdzUp[GD], Warpy, msephton, Binary_Moon, Otus 3, CodeGit, skn3[ac], Tibit, Mathieu, Sledge, Difference, CyBeRGoth, _Skully, sknightly, Rhodesy, ziggy, Hujiklo, earok, Robert Cummings, TMK, Playniax, nerobot, Rob Hewitt, En929, AutmnLeaf, TheMrCerebro, wick, Gerry Quinn, magic, Slotman, Ferdi, Coppercicle, JaviCervera.

Version History of Cerberus X

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License Information

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